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Corporate Profile

Your personal protection detector RF radio devices. You will find radio sniffers or to ensure your personal protection being introduced by speakerphone..

 Debugging offices and conference rooms also includes an information security survey, and personal counterespionage consulting.

Workplace Inspections
• Law offices
• Boardrooms
• Trading floors
• Executive suites
• Conference rooms
• Board meeting inspections
• Info-loss vulnerability surveys

Debugging sweeps on all types of vehicles, including: cars, boats and aircraft (limousines, planes, autos, yachts, automobiles, airplanes)

Vehicle Inspections
• Eavesdropping Detection
• GPS Tracking Detection
• Limousines
• Aircraft
• Yachts

Wirelesss LAN TSCM inspections locate illegal rogue access points, Wi-Fi bugs, transmission and legal compliance issues.

Proactive Wi-Fi Cyber Espionage
• Wi-Fi Security & Compliance Audits
• Whole building / floor security audits
• Compliance surveys (HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, FISMA,  DoD 8100.2, ISO 27001, Basel II)

 TSCM is only part of a Murray Associates debugging sweep. We also conduct an information security survey for you.

Intellectual Property Protection Information Security Audits
• Information security surveys
• Business espionage prevention
• Information security recommendations

Inspecting for spycams and video recorders in restrooms, shower and locker areas, and any place where there is an expectation of privacy.

Optical Surveillance Detection
• Spycams, Covert Video
• Privacy due diligence for hotels, country clubs, resorts, community pools, schools and high profile individuals.

Bug sweeps are essential to protecting personal privacy in: homes, residences, corporate apartments, hotel rooms and off-site meeting locations.

Residential Surveillance Detection
• Corporate apartments
• Executive homes & offices
• Off-site business meetings
• Hotel room & resort conference area


Eavesdropping protection systems are designed to prevent deliberate and intentional attempts to intercept private and confidential conversations.

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Since 1995 Market.sk has been the leading innovator in the field of audio surveillance countermeasures. These solutions are regularly used to protect corporate intellectual property, mission critical conversations and national security.

Did you know?
Conversations can be captured from office or boardroom windows.

Even with the best physical security policies, conversations taking place near unprotected windows are not secure from intentional eavesdroppers with professional equipment. Laser listening devices can be used, at considerable distance, to capture conversation from minute vibrations on window surfaces..

Secure Rooms
When viewed as a six sided enclosure, the breech points of most rooms can be easily identified. Windows are vulnerable to laser listening devices, ductwork can easily channel sound to adjacent areas and doors form an obvious weak point. Sound transmission through utility penetrations, access floor cavities and above suspended ceilings can create a lack of confidential privacy.

Door maskers provide protection from intentional eavesdroppers by applying low-level sound masking to the door, filling the gaps around the door with protective sound.

Dynasound window maskers provide protection from laser microphones or sensitive parabolic listening devices which can be aimed at windows from a great distance.

HVAC Ducts
Ductwork can easily channel conversations from one room to another, or can be used to hide listening devices. Duct maskers fill the interior of the duct with protective sound masking.

Wall maskers protect wall surfaces from spike microphones or other listening devices. Often in commercial office space there is no way to control who may have access to outer perimeter walls.

Access Floors
Reverberant spaces under raised access floors can channel sound from one office to another. Dynasound's DS1390 is designed for under-floor use.

When a secure room is not available, confidential speech privacy is still attainable with Dynasound's PEP pack. The DS2600 Portable Eavesdropping Protection system comes complete and ready to travel.


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